Pros and Cons of Social Media

If used wisely, Social media can be a powerful way to promote your business. Imagine you are working 6 – 8 hours daily for your business and in the end get a low benefit or sales. This is really disappointing. The marketers who are using social media for business have agreed on this that it gives more exposure and revenue to their business. Social media is compulsory for a perfect marketing strategy & benefits of social media is so much great that no one will miss using this platform in such a low piece of amount.

It is easy to know about because some simple social media marketing tips make you use it for the good of your business. 90% of the marketers have realized that social media can give more potential to their business. But from this 90%, a few of them knows about the perfect social media marketing techniques. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of social media for business.

Pros of Social Media’

When using perfectly and wisely, social media can be beneficial for your business and can raise your business to the higher level.

Some potential benefits of social media are:

  • Increase Sale
  • Engage Customers with your Business
  • Less Costly
  • Build relationships with customers and other businesses
  • Gives you an opportunity to know about your customer
  • Improve your rank in search engine
  • Improve the traffic of your website
  • Boost your Business to the International Market
  • You can easily get feedback from customers
  • Easy access to Customers, Worldwide

Cons of Social Media

Sometimes, social media does not suit the niche of your business. Also, sometime it may also happen that you come up with wrong or incomplete strategy which resulted in wastage of time and money. It means you must have to come up with a strong social media plan.

Some of the possible disadvantages of social media are:

  • Comes up with wrong social media strategy may not get necessary benefits for your business.
  • Social media needs to be monitor daily
  • Risk on the un-natural behavior of your website
  • You may also need additional resources for the presence
  • You have to be active on social media otherwise you will not get proper benefits of social media
  • Getting greater exposure may also get the attention of your competitors like fake negative feedback, hacking or data leaking

Whenever you make a social media strategy, you must also get ready to manage the risks. Using misleading statements on your social media channels can be harmful to your business according to the law. If you are doing misleading statements than some customers may give negative feedback which may also give other customers, an idea to not get benefit from your business.

Know what to do?

  1. Get ideas from different platforms about social media benefits
  2. Learn about social media and engagement with customers
  3. Learn how to communicate with customers
  4. Search for social media events and seminars

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