Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps

If you are still using cash for the payment then you are doing an ancient move. Now, it is too much odd to pay someone through cash and carry the cash with you is also not safe. In the ancient time people user barter system to pay someone after that, for a long time we use cash for the payment. But now, people are using technology for the payment. Payment through a technology called “digital wallet”. You can deposit your cash in your digital account and can easily pay to anyone.

The idea of “digital wallet” was introduced many years ago and finally, it is now be used through your mobile phones. You can easily make payments through the apps on your smartphone. You can make any kind of transaction to any kind of account through mobile. Whether you need to pay electricity bills, or need to pay the school fee – you can easily make it through mobiles. It is too much easy for the Android phone user to do the payment because of free paid apps. You can easily find best free android apps for payment on the Google Play Store.

This app has some unique features, you can easily pay to your friends and family directly through your bank account. If you own an account in the bank then you can easily make the payments through that account in the same day (isn’t this interesting?). Not every bank participate with this app, but most of the top banks have joined it and is now easy for those bank customers to pay through the Zelle Mobile App.

You don’t need to install the banking app for this, just install this app and you can connect your bank account with it. It is totally free to send or receive payments through this app perhaps some of the apps deduct a small amount of transaction. Just set up a primary account in the Zelle app and make the payment whenever you want.

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